Business Trip

I was asked by me boss to go to Bangkok next Tuesday. ‘Wow, going abroad on business trip? It’s a free vacation’, comment some of my friends. Having heard them made me write this blog :D.

I used to be very excited when asked to go for business trip, going somewhere (mostly abroad) on company expense. Same like them, it is like a free vacation. Until on one business trip to Melbourne.

I always have fascination with Australia. They have mixed culture between western and easter country. Plus their beautiful ocean… a nice country to live. And I wasn’t dissapointed having a chance to stay at melbourne for 1 week. Seeing the tourist information leaflet, I could make a list of place to visit, that will take full one week…. but since it is a training…. I have no time for that.

At least, I can go for skiing on the weekend, I thought. It turns out that…… I have another training to attend in Jakarta on Monday. Well….. bad luck eh… got to go back.

You can ask all of your friend, who often go for business trip, most of the time, it will be…. like the name…. business trip, no vacation whatsoever. Might just better if the company just give me a huge paycheck, without any business trip. I could make it better for my vacation trip.

So much about business trip……..

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