Bangkok: Similar but Different

Similar but not the same, thats what my impression was when first time going out from the Airport. The Airport, which is in the Capital City, was no match of even Jakarta Airport. There are also bad traffic jam during our way to the Hotel, just like Jakarta. The driving style was also the same, they take the leftmost lane, reserved for emergency. There are also homeless people wandering around the street, and hawkers take out half of the pedestrian, again, very similar to Jakarta.

Nevertheless, few things are different, though. They have what I called, multi-level highway, that is, a highway on top of another highway. They also have a mass transit system (BTS, Bangkok Train System), a train running on elevated railway. The railway is also stacked. Looks like the Thai people are really good at building stacked structure. The train system is also very nice. The only problem I found is, it takes a long walk from the station to any of my destination. The language….. I got a headache from listening to the announcement at the airport.

Well…. so much of similarity, but so many differences which I think dropped my mood for the first day.

To be continued…..


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