H.O.T.S Survey

Your Answers Indicate A Turtle Role
APPROACH: Conceptual/Methodical

DESCRIPTION: The Turtle challenges concepts under discussion. Believing that consequences matter, the Turtle will want to plan how new endeavors are implemented and prepare for surprises. They like to create order from chaos, by improving the process by which ideas are implemented. The Turtle may play “devil’s advocate” to test the soundness of an idea and try to improve it.

They prefer order,and are comfortable being methodical. They derive satisfaction from the mental exercise of the debate,and may lead others to examine the merits of an idea,using a systematic process in generating and exploring ideas.

CONTRIBUTION: Making sure that the concept is thought through, and examining how it can be improved and implemented.

WEAKNESESS: If allowed to control the group or the process,the Turtle may lead the team toward choosing low-risk ideas, filtering out ideas that may have greater risks,but also bigger payoffs.

INSTINCT: Prediction of the problems caused by new or unique ideas; improving ideas before implementation.


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