A Thought About Marriage

A friend of mine is getting married soon….. nothing special, except…. he is only 21 year old! I wonder, what does he thought of getting married in a young age. Added that, from economy-wise, I got a feeling that he is not ready (again, according to my standard) to have a quality family. Working in 24-hour shift as an operator…. you got the idea of how much he made each month.

When I being asked of when I will get married, my answer is: year 2008. And if they continue on asking the reason: I’m not ready financialy :D.

The true reason is: I’m not ready mentally. I might have a good income, good saving, enough age, but I want to have fun. I would like to do anything, everything the world has to offer before getting married, so that at the end of the day, I can sit in my backyard, thinking or telling my grandchildren about interesting, exciting things I’ve been doing in my young age, and not regreting of what I have/haven’t done.

Life is good……..


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