Breast Implant….. for Man????

Nothing strange about “Breast Implant”, until I heard this morning ont he radio: “Breast Implant for Man”. Luckily I didn’t hit my car to something while amazed and laughing.

The broadcaster continue on explaining the reason of the breast implant for man in Shanghai. She said that it was done mostly for man with psycologycal problem. While I wonder of what she mean by psycologycal problem, she continued on explaining that doing breast implant is faster to overcome their problem, rather than consulting a psyciathric.

Still curious, I do some googling on the net. Here is the psycologycal problem: They weren’t confidence with the look of their chest muscle, and the implant was done to improve the look of their chest.

Well girls, beware….., you might just check if you meet a man with good macho chest :D.


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