Happy (Blue) Anniversary

Change, that is the only thing that never change. Looking back to October 23, 1999 at McDonald, I told her about my wish which she promised to fulfill if I’m graduated with A: I asked her to become my girlfriend. She answered the next morning at her dining room during breakfast, and we start dating since then, October 24, 1999.

I have to go back to Jakarta, and the long distance relationship wasn’t that easy, although it was also not that difficult, as being said by some people. She has since then going back and forth to Jakarta to visit her parents, and of course, me. Most of the time I leave early from my office near Mangga Dua to pick her up at Gambir Train Station, waiting for Parahyangan, leaving 3:00 from Bandung. Once in a while I also went to Bandung for vacation and visit her and her grandparent. We celebrate our 1st annyversary at her house, with a tart cake.

Then near end of 2000, her father was promoted as the minister of the state. The impact was so big, that cause my usual high confidence become lose. Now I can’t call her directly, all calls were filtered through the security. Few things really helped me regain my confidence. First, I got a new job at a multinational company as a consultant, my dream job at that moment. Then, she behave and treat me like…. her boyfriend, nothing really change. She keep pumping my spirit, that, after few months, I manage to move on and let the change fuel me in my work.

Things are going pretty stable for the next 3 years. I always called here every Saturday night at 11pm, to keep the cost down. Once in a while she also called me, also at Satruday 11pm. We met once a month, which is OK for me and her. Then came her graduation day, in the middle of year 2003. We now live in the same city. My fear of losing my freedom was not proven. She didn’t demand me to come to her house, or pick her up, or call her everyday.

And today, October 24, 2004, it’s been 5 years since we start dating. We have survived through many things, from long distance relationship, change in her social status, to live in a same city. I have seen a lot of change in her, from a college girl to adorable woman. Yet, a big major change will happen in the next few days. We still having fun, dating, and aim to get married when we are ready. Might it happen or not, I would like to say thank you for being such a great partner in shaping my live.

Happy 5th anniversary.

PS: I’m sorry for stupid thing I’ve done today. Something I will regret for months to come…..


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