Up to You….

….. or whatever you want. If you’re my friend, never, ever, give those answers when I ask your opinion :D.

When I ask your opinion, such as ‘where should we eat, this restaurant or that restaurant’ or ‘What should I order, steak or pasta’, it means that I want to know your opinion. For me, when you give the ‘Up to you’ answer’, you are like undecided people, or people who don’t have any will, or people the are too afraid to speak their mind.

To add the worse, I asked my friend to pick between 2 restaurant for dinner, one is fast food, the other one is western-style seafood. My friend gave the sacred answer, and I pick the seafood restaurant. Later, he said that he didn’t like fish, and after I expressed my bad mood, she ordered a fish and chips.

People, state your mind when being asked, especially in informal occasion. Most of the time, you’re not being threatened to dead to give the right answer. If the person who give you the question disagree….. negotiate. Express yourself, for that is what make you a human.


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