Why do I do Scuba Diving?

Imagine the world full of color. Not the green color of the trees, or the blue sky, or the rainbow color, but the pink soft coral, with “Nemo” playing in between. Not the white mountains with some fog in the background, but lots of blue, white, red, and other color of Fan Corals. Standing over a brown table coral, a yellow Fog Fish, with curiousity looking at you.

Imagine the weightless world. You can move not only left, right, front or rear, but also up and down. Just like flying, you can look at what beneath a coral, and in single breath, move up to see what is under the top of the cave. Or just sit tight, and let the current drift you to a tour of surrounding coral.

Imagine the darkness of the night, watching a lobster crawling on the seabed looking for food. Turn off your light, and you can see lights from phosporescent creatures. Peeking through a coral, a fish is standing still…. asleep.

Imagine looking eye-to-eye with a fish. You’re observing it, it is also observing you. Opening your hand, it come close to you. Or watching 2 fishes playing and flirting, chasing each other, right in front of your eyes.

Imagine exploring the remains of World War 1 and 2. A sunken war ship, laying there with its cannon pointing to the sun. Observing the hole made by a cannon that made it sunk. Your mind drifted to the old days, when it still roaring and firing.

Imagine being in the new world, which open to only special group of people….. people called……. diver.


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