Unconditional Love: Does it Exist?

That was the topic of the radio last Firday. One caller said that such love doesn’t exist, because when you think you have unconditional love, it is actualy an obsession. Other caller say such love exist, as long as they respect each other…. but the requirement of respect itself is a condition.

Driving from one traffic light to another, I came to a conclusion that such love doesn’t exist. I agree with the first caller, that if you love someone reardless of what he/she do, it is more to obsession than love.

So… if unconditional love doesn’t exist, what is the condition of love? I thought of many things, but all of them can be summarized into 2 words: trust and respect. You trust your spouse that he/she wouldn’t do anything that hurts you, and you respect the trust given by your spouse. You respect things that he/she done to you.

Still, how far you can trust and should respect your spouse, its all depends on your relation. But the conclusion is, if you don’t trust your spouse, you will become jealous easily. If you don’t respect your spouse you can’t love someone. The trust and respect is the condition that should be fulfilled for love.


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