Happy Birthday, Sis

OK, so it is 11pm here in Jakarta. You might just arrived in the office, checking emails, and get some birthday greeting. What’s your plan for today? Giving yourself a birthday present? Do some shopping, take a leave, etc, etc?

Eh, don’t forget to make a wish… or wishes, you have birthday, christmas and new year’s wish. Let me give you some idea…. wish to be proposed by your boy :D. He…he…he…, c’mon what are you guys waiting for? I can’t wait to see my forster kid :D. Or you might wish me to sent you…. crab noodle, fried kwee tiau, hainamese chicken rice, Chicken Curry, I fu mie, Padang, Siomay, batagor? Keep wishing then, cos I wouldn’t sent you one :D. But, as promised, I’ll treat you till you drop :D.

Well…. happy Birthday Sis, may you have a happy year, and success in your life, carreer, and, most importantly, love.

From: your far-far away bro and his girlfriend.


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