Welcome 2005

Time flies, year 2004 has past. We grow older and (hopefully) wiser :D.

Last year was a very wonderful year for me. I went to 3 new places, Bali, Bangkok, and of course, the lovely Bangka and Bunaken at Manado. I managed to fulfill my financial goal, learning and invest in mutual fund. I made a lot of new friends, friends that cheered up the passing year, and I hope will also make this year another wonderful year.

Nevertheless, I do miss some of my personal goals, which I gonna try to make it up this year. I would like to improve my emotion control, communication, and leadership skill. Also, I would like to improve my financial and business skills… maybe if I can turn back time, I would consider economics :). And also, I would like to start my own business…. got lots of things running into my head, just need to pull up the guts. I also have some financial goals, which I’ll keep as my secret :D.

So…. lets open the first post in the year with a prayer:
“Thanks God for a wonderfull year that have passed, a year full of challenge, pain, yet, they made us stronger. A year full of joy, chance to praise Your creation of the land sky and sea, A year full of happiness and wonderful friends. May You guide us in the coming year, and make us stronger, to fulfill our purpose as Your servant, and as human being… Amen”

Happy New Year 2005.


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