Emotion Control

Mastering emotion control meaning that you are able to thinking without emotion. It means that you are able do do a decision making process without involving your emotion. I think this is an important skill if you ever want to be a leader. Thats why I put it as my personal goal for this year: to master the emotion control.

I blew it up!

Few days ago, one of my colleague touched my soft spot: he being negative thinking. I try to avoid the situation by giving ambiguous answers, but he kept pushing, until I lost a little bit of my emotion control. He finally shut up.

I regret it somehow, especially since I know that what he was thinking was going to be happened. Luckily, I wasn’t in the middle of deccision making process.

Well…. the year has just started…. still a lot of time to keep trying, make mistake, learning from it, and move on


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