The First 13 Days

January 2005 has been only 13 days, and I feel that a lot has been going on. I still can remember of how much I enjoy my holiday between Christmas 2004 and New Year 2005. I’ve been living my dream life, reading books, feeding fish, 24-hour internet connection, lunch with my girl, went to downtown to finish some tasks, and most important, didn’t need to spend 2 hours on the street everyday.

Yet, the first 13 days of 2005 has brought lots of difference. All started from last Monday, when I had a 1-to-1 session with my boss, to discuss about my last year’s performance, and the furutre plan for me. Turns out that he promoted me as team leader. Well… it is not an official position, but it gives me chances to improve my skill, leadership, communication, negotiation, and many more.

Then the next day, the boss called me again, for something important. He had another surprise, he want to convert me as permanent employee, and requesting my personal commitment to stay with my company for at least 3 years. Hmmm…. I was a contract before, and I know, being a permanent employee opens up lots of posibility for growth, in career, in rewards, and in many things.

As much as it is, this morning I got my last reward for this 13 days: someone offered me a PDA. Well… I might not get it soon, but I sure to get some, might be a PDA, something that I want to buy, but couldn’t justify the needs.

Hmmmm…. life is indeed good for the last 13 days….


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