Rethinking Singapore

I just get back from business trip from Singapore last Sunday. The business trip was from Tuesday to Thursday. I’m not very eager to go on business trip, especially Singapore, which I regarded as boring country. But I would like to catch up with old friends, and since Friday was a holiday, I decided to stay at a friend’s apartment in Singapore until Sunday. It was a worthy experience, though.

Joining me in the trip was my colleague, an Australian Permanent Resident. He was never in Singapore before, except in Changi Airport and Orchard Road. I decided to show him around Suntec City, Esplanade, Merlion Park, Raffles Place, and Boat Quay. He enjoyed the tour so much, that, upon returning to our Hotel, he said that he would consider working 1 or 2 year in Singapore.

Then, during my extended stay, I got a chance to meet a group of young Indonesian people, who are working or studying in Singapore. They are all between 25-35 years old. Some of them do Scuba Diving, so we were changing stories. One of them is also a sport freak, doing sport almost everyday. It was really a fun evening, chatting with an old friend, met and hangs around with new Indonesian friends, and walking around the Beach of Sentosa Island.

So, what’s so special about those things above? It has made me rethinking my plan to work in Singapore. If Singapore is all the fun, walking around the old colonial city of Raffles Place, or hang around with fellow Indonesian, I would really like to stay there, for 1 or 2 years. For 2 days I was tempted to apply for Permanent Resident.

So whether I move or not, let the time tell you. But for now, I’m rethinking Singapore, from a boring country to a nice place to hang around with fellow Indonesian people.


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