Mental Tour

Two mountain range depart us as we speed up from Padang Bai towards Nusa Penida. A few minutes later, Mount Agung shows his mighty form, as the biggest mountain of all mountain range in Bali. I look back for a few minutes, wathing how even the clouds was still below the peak of Mount Agung.

My last trip in Bali fulfilled its purpose: a mind refreshment. We have a great dives, meet new friends, doing crazy fun things, eat lots of foods… everything.

The dives in Nusa Penida and Menjangan island is awesome. Good viz, great coral reef and fishes. We even got a bonus by spotting a grey reef shark in Menjangan, something that, according to our guide, is rare. In Tulamben, although the Viz is not that good (around 10m), the excellent lifeform really make it up.

The land activity is also indeed very exciting. What else could be more exciting than watching your friend getting drunk and started doing weird things?Or driving in the middle of nowhere and, for few miliseconds, turning off your lamp, surprise you with total darkness?

Balinese food is also never dissapointing. Everything served with chili, chicken, pork, seafood. There are beancourt satay in Paradise Hotel, which taste very good. And also, don’t forget Jimbaran’s Seafood, the best you can find. And my friend showed us a Chinese food restaurant nearby the airport, which, to Bali standard, is excellent.

But…. on top of all….. what really mind relaxing is…. the beach. Three days watching the clear ocean, plus the unique aura of Bali was more than enough to fulfill my mind hunger.

One question though, given by my friend. Watching all your friend in the trip, can you imagine how they act in their office life? He…he…he…


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