The Past

Have you ever meet someone from your past, watching how they changes? Have you ever thought of things you would do or talk if you meet them?

This morning in the church, I sit close to someone from my past, my love of high school time. I saw her several times in the church, but today, I notice few things from her. She still act like she used to be, her style, the way she walk, her body movement, the way she act, her smile, etc. But, something is changing… she look more skinny.

Unfortunately… I have no time to chat with her. I would love to have a short chat, know where she lived now, whether she is married or not, how many kids she has, where she works, etc, etc.

People from our past are sure to bring back old memory, things that we remember, or things that we regret. As for her, she is my first love, a memory to remember, although we never actually dating each other due to one or another reason. Besides, in this valentine’s day, I have a girl which I love, and I know that she love me.

Happy Valentine’s Day…


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