Self Infusion

I am one of the believer that, your mind control everything. If you are able to manipulate your mind, you can basically get any feeling you want. Can be happy, sad, love, hate, etc. Now…. I think that I’ve done too much to myself…..

Few years ago, in my early days of working, I’ so eager to do any travel, business of personal. Sometimes I hate it when my friend retruned from a business trip, tell the story, bla…bla…bla… So, to avoid that, I do some mind manipulation, by telling that business trip is not fun. Later, I began to see all the bad things of business trip, as I wrote in one of my previous post.

Now… few days ago… I was given authority to decide who should go on a business trip. I should pick 2 out of 3, one of them is me. I was like very reluctant to go, although this is a new place I’ve never been before. For few days, I was thinking whether I should go or not…

Now… should I reverse the mind manipulation again?


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