A Good Day to Drive

The last day of February was a good day of drive, one of a hundred days in Jakarta. The traffic is so easy, I can get to the office in 40 minutes, which usually takes up to 1 hour. The ride back home was also nice… except in front of the gas station, where people queuing for fuel, because the goverment was set to raise the fuel price on the midnight.

I’ve been also listening to new radio station, well, not that the station is new, but I just started to listen to the broadcast. The song is good, giving you some beat along the drive. The weather is cloudy, which is perfect.

Two things is not good, though. First, someone bump up my car, which forunately, didn’t leave any sracth. And second, the goverment is increasing the fuel price.Well, does the increasing fuel price has any correlation with Jakarta traffic? It might be, because the traffic was also easy this morning. Maybe, many people gave up their cars, or go with their neighbors.


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