Act of Bribery…. or not?

I’ve been faced with a very tough condition at work lately, far much tougher than what I handle last December. Few days ago, one of our big boss called a meeting to get an update, and help us to plan our next step. To my very surprise…. he proposed something which I think is not allowed in my company. He proposed to do anything, including giving the key person some rewards, to get the project signed-off. Don’t you think it is an act of bribery?

He also said that, it is normal in business, and it might against our value. But, he also said, that you must do that if you want to get into the 20% of successfull person of paretto laws. So… there I was, during my drive, re-thinking my values, and what he said.

Slowly, I began reshaping my values. My boss had a point when he said that, this practice is not a manipulation. We have delivered our job, the problem is beyond our control. We still want the project to success, with no compromise to our quality. So… does the rewards count as a bad thing? A bribery?

So… here is my new, reshaped value. I think something like that is fine, as long as, it doesn’t at cost of someone else. Well… the actual things might not that easy to judge. People might say this, that, etc, but it is only between you, your values, and what you believes.


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