To a Friend….

“Anna”, that what she said when we were introduced 2 weeks ago. Although we have been chatting all day long through YM for several months, that was the first time I met her in person, and properly introduced.

We didn’t talk much during the lunch. In the afternoon, we agreed to meet at a shopping Center in Jakarta. The traffic was as crazy as hell, but its worth the purpose. From there, I know that she is very talkactive, and… she eats ALOT!!! It is fun to have someone accompanying you, eating Ramen, Roast Bread and Chicken Porridge, and at the same time, never run out of topics to talk about.

Last week, we met again, at the same shopping center. We drive to a hawker center, to have some noodles, and to satisfy my and her appetite, we bought several other foods. I stop by at her house, with a full belly, and have some chit chat.

Last night, she asked me not to contact her again, for one or another reason. And now here I am, still thinking what she said last night, and her reason. I still thinking that, if I can turn back time, what can I do to change the situation. Maybe, by more sincere on our last meeting?

Well…. Ihave said all I want to say to her. No regrets of knowing her, or anything I did. I just wish her good luck, and may she got the lesson of everything happens in the last few weeks…..

Till we meet again….


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