Love Doctor’s Advise

Have you watch Will Smith’s Hitch? It is about a love doctor, who helps man (and only man) to get a chance to date their dream girl. Note that, the doctor ONLY help the man to get the CHANCE. The rest is up to the man.

What interesting from the movie is, some of the trick is actually make sense, not only in fiction world, but also in real world. Some of them are:

1. Make yourself exist. You can’t expect to date your dream girl if she doesn’t even know that you’re there. Well, I’m not saying that you should act like just being hit by a truck to save the girl’s dog, or to quit your job. Getting a girl’s attention is art, so give it a try and have fun.

2. Give her some space. I find that this is true, not only for man, but also woman. Give her some space, not only by looking to other painting, but also letting her hang out with her friends, do her hobby, etc, etc. Just because you want her, or you are her boyfriend, doesn’t mean that you should know what she is doing every seconds, or be with her every day and night.

3. Make friend with her friends. Woman, like man, love to have boyfriend that she can boast among their friends. Make friend with her friends, show them that you are a friendly person, easy going, etc. This might not easy, especially if you’re an introvert. But again, making friend is art. Give it a try and have fun. Be careful though, not to let them feel that you’re bragging :D.

Anything you want to add? Or want to share your tips with the world?


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