Skill or Stamina

“Which one is more important, skill or stamina?”, asked one of my friend after a basketball game. While the most appropiate answer would be to have both skill and stamina, here is some thought of why stamina is more important.

First, why do basketball team, or soccer team, bring some player sitting in the bench? I believe that the bench is not to replace the skill of the starter, but to replace the starter when they are exhausted.

Second, from the pro league, soccer or basketball. True that, as people get older, they lose some of their skill, become much slower, less responsive, etc. But they get replaced mainly not for less skill, but for much-much less stamina.

Third… well… maybe from your own experience. You might have good skill in basketball, but, without good stamina, you can score at most 2-3 points before lose much of your dribbling or scoring skill…


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