For Good….

Ah…. been a long time not writing here. So much to tell, crazy week, and… this year turns out to be not that good for me, despite of a good start this year. I just end a 5 years with my girlfriend.

Well…. something which is not so bad, though. We confes each other, that, we both feel flat…. not so much thrill anymore. We exchange our reason why, talk alot…. and finally… we decided that this is the best for now.

Anyway… I’ll just close this post with an interesting question, do you believe that every person will find their soulmate…. in time? Believing such thing is like belive in faith. Every person was born with their way of life inscripted somewhere….. but it doesn’t mean that you will live that way. I believe that, if you try, your faith will change.

So… back to soulmate, whether you find one or not….. it might be written in your life…. but for sure… you will meet him/her if you try…..

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  1. I don’t believe in ’soulmates’ at all. I think what people call a soulmate are actually someone with similar interests, and compatible characteristics.
    You might be able to find your ’so-called’ soulmate, but the question is, by the time you find him/her, are you a moment too late?

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