Few days ago… one of our friends started a new website. He posted his new website, with confident, to the public forum. When I give it a visit, it was a total mess. Even I could at least point several mistakes, stretched picture, too many pictures, uninteresting writing styles, wrong usage of pictures, etc…, and I consider myself as newbie :D.

Not sure how many people has give him some inputs, way to enhance his web pages. Nevertheless, he seems haven’t done substantial changes…. and still confidently and stubbornly publish the URL, asking people to fill in the guestbook. What happen next is, people, pissed of by the way he publish his website, begin to spam the website. They start fill in some inappropriate critics (or should I say… another spam) to the guest book. Some even making jokes of other people they hate.

Ah…. I know that those people are educated, have a good job, and very respected among the community. I also know that the person has done something wrong, spamming the public forum to promote his website. But does it justify our action, to take revenge? Spamming his website with bad words? What has he done to us, other than causing a small nuisance? Even then, he has got his punishment, being banned from the public forum.

PS: Despite of the bad design, I see that he has some dedication here, at least in regular wesite update. Hopefully this is followed by his willing to learn, and passion.


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