What is Left…. Memory

“You still haven’t forget her”, my friend said to me tonight. “Why”, I asked, with a little surprise. He just know that I broke up with my girl, and I didn’t give much answer when he asked for the reason. So, I’m quite surprise that she can say that just from my simple answer. “Your tone, and the way you spoke of the reason shows that you still not over it”, he answered.

Maybe he is right. Maybe I am in a denial stage. maybe I’m denying that I’m still expecting her, that I still haven’t forget her entirely. Maybe I still have the memory of how fun it was with her. Her idealism, spirit of trying new things… things that I really miss for the last few months. The memory of how fun it was, wating for 11pm to call her, exchange stories, waiting for the train to meet her, waiting for her email to come, write to her. To spent hours in front of the TV, which we never watch, or hours in the kitchen to prepare our dinner. Some stupid things we did with our cooks, wrong cheese, wrong mix, wrong cut….

Ah….. like I said….. it was a fun 5 years, a time well spent with no regret. Life goes on, the clock will keep ticking, but sweet memories will always be in your heart, and yet to come…


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