Pleasure & Business

Some people say that, if you want to start your business, start with something you enjoy to do. That way, you will have the passion required to overcome failure, and become success. Is it always true?

I enjoy doing scuba diving. Perhaps, if someone would pay, I would be doing it everyday :D. So, should I pursue to become a dive guide, or maybe instructor?

I have spoken with fellow scuba diver, instructor and dive guide. They all confirm of what I see of becoming a profesional diver: you are responsible for other people. As a dive guide, you must make sure that everyone in the group is counted, before and after a dive. You must watch your group underwater, to make sure that they are safely conducting the dive.

Being an Instructor is even worse. Part of the job is teaching new diver some new skill. Not that I don’t want to dive with a new diver, but, it will be more fun if you have a good buddy. And you also responsible to the safety of your student.

So…. can I make money from diving? Yes…. but I don’t think I have the passion for the job :D. I guess I gonna keep it as a pleasure activity.


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