You won’t miss this orange-colored, 3-wheeled and very noisy transportaion vehicle in Jakarta. Yes, it is what we called: Bajaj. The vehicle is divided into 2 compartment. The driver sit in the from part, and maximum of 3 passengers can sit on the back of it. And…. if you have tried it before… you will remember another characteristic of this vehice, aside from the noisy engine, the vibration :D. My friends always joke that, you will still feel the vibration even when you left the vehile.

To ride it, just waive your hand, and it will stop. Tell the driver your destination, and always bargain BEFORE you get into it. Then, when you have the deal, get into it. Oh… and another jokes about it, the brake of the Bajaj is not in the steering, but on the shoulder of the driver :D. It simply means that, due to the noisy engine, don’t bother to talk to the driver. Instead, if you want to stop at your destination, just touch the shoulder of the driver :D.

Among the people of Jakarta, Bajaj is between the love and hate. Car drivers hate them, because they are slow, sometime has no light, even no sign light. Another joke, only God and the driver know when a Bajaj need to turn left or right :D. Some people love them, because it is cheap to get to a nearby place.

Anyway, the goverment has planned to replace them with 4-wheeled, less noisy, less shaky, and capable of carrying more passanger, called Kancil. Whether the Bajaj survive or not, people will remember it… the noise and vibration :D.


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