My New Jogging Track

Jogging… the cheapest sports available…. all you need is short pants and shoes. I used to jog in my Gym, on a treadmill machine. My Gym also has a running track, which I also use when the treadmills were fully occupied. There is one problem though….. they close at 9pm, and since I usually need 1 hour of jogging, I need to arrive before 8pm. With my work load lately, it would be a damn challenge.

So… before the growth of my belly goes out of control, I was thinking of other alternative: to jog around my neighbourhood. I end up with the route around a block. Total distance… my estimation is 3-4 km, which I finish in 45 minutes.

Is it fun? Indeed. Treadmill and running track are boring. When running around the neighbourhood there are many things to see. I even notice a restaurant, which looked crowded… got to check the food sometime. The problem is…. pollution. I found myself gasping for air, even 30 minutes after I finish my training. Pfff….. probably Jakarta’s air is really that bad :D.

Next plan: I will try to find a route, which avoid the main road. Hopefully, the air is more friendly :D.

  1. you?
    4K in 45 minutes?
    I dooonnn’ttt think soooo :P:P. Maybe it’s more of 90 minutes? hehe

  2. Scal said:

    Hahahahahaha……. you didn’t believe me???? I used to run 4km in 45 minutes :D. Hopefully someday I can run 5km in 30 minutes :D.

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