Two Favourite Quotes

“You got what you paid for”. This one is inspired from an article in BusinessWeek. It is about Dell, which is known for cheap PC and Notebook. Well…. BusinessWeek found an interesting fact: Dell’s customer satisfaction is heading south. Some people said that they got transferred 3 times, each with 30 minutes of waiting time, before they decided to hang up. And guess… Dell offers a service plan, which will give the client a priority call, less transfers, etc…. with certain price. Looks like you still got to pay more for a service, eh?

“You can’t please everybody, so you might just as well please yourself”. This quote is inspired from the event in the last 2 days in my office. A customer keep yelling at me, and my Project Manager, instead of helping to talk with them, keep asking me about status update. So, this is what I said to her and my boss: I only have 2 hands, and can only do so much. I’ve done my best, and I don’t give a shit if they’re still not happy.” (Now, I sound like William Hung, eh? :P). Same case for my basketball team. When they keep yelling at me to improve how I handle the team, I just smile at them, and said in my heart “Heck, this is not make me anything. I’m enjoying the game, and if they can only yell without offering any help…. GO TO HELL :D”


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