Old Mails

Yep, I’m talking about snail mails, way way back before the Internet era, year 1996-1997. Iwas very bored with job, so I’m digging my old mail archive with some friends.

Going back to few weeks ago, I met an old friend, who once wrote those mails to me in 1996-1997. I’m having a busines trip to another town, and she live there. So we agrre to met, had dinner and breakfast before I went back home. During that time, she asked me on how much she has changed.

Back to the present. Reading her old mails remind me about how she was. She was, and still a sweet girl, yet very independent one, and as stubborn as ever. But, the things and the way she talked….. that’s what show her maturity.

Another thing, old mails will bring back sweet memory from the past. We have gone through a lot of things, with her and my friends, with her and my ex, her cousin, and many more. It’s glad to be in contact with her again…..


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