Voltes V

I just got a copy of the series from my friend. Yep, it is VOLTES V. If you were born in 70-ies or before, I bet that you will know the series, with the famous Teng Ku Ken (translated to Sword of heaven in the movie) :D.

So, what to review from the 40-series, each running for 30 minutes movie? Flashing back to my childhood, It is the first robotic and heroic movie, as far as I can remember. The idea of 5 aircrafts, each piloted by a teenager, merging together to form a gigantic robot, fighting the bad guy’s beast fighter impress almost every kid at that time.

The movie also skip on most of the world’s reality. Compare the gigantic robot, formed by 5 aircrafts, can move so flexible, as if it is formed by bone and muscle. Then watch the today Power Ranger, a stiff robot fighting a flexible beast fighter….. you got the idea.

Another feature of the movie: It has a story line. Clasic one like Megaloman and God Sigma, or maybe modern one like Power Ranger, lack of reasonable story line. Voltes is not only fighting the bad guy, but they also looking for their parents, going throgh some emotional experience when they lost their mother, their profesor, or when they found out their origin.

All in all, animation technology has advanced to 3D animation, Voltes V still has its place in the heart of people born during that time. Not because of the technology, but because of the simplicity it bought that it is easy to undertand and fun to watch.

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