Funny Business School

I have a chat, with a friend of mine, who is a Lecturer in one of business school in Jakarta. I once asked for a reccomendation for a business school to attend, and he reccomended his school. So I was shocked with what he said in te conversation.

Lec: Scal, is there any alumni of my business school, which works at your company?
Scal: None that I know. What for? Why don’t you asked the alumni organization?
Lec: You know… alumni, they didn’t always update the alumni database when they change job. If they worked at your company, I would like to interview the HR or Country manager
Scal: Then ask your fellow Lecturers. They should have the information
Lec: Well, we didn’t talked much outside our working hour. We are businessman, always busy with our job
Scal: Oww….. I think making and maintaining relationship is one of the core lesson of business school?
Lec: Yeah… but we are busy with our business. I’ll just call your HR Manager
Scal: Up to you, but consider this 2 scenario, which one is better?
Scal: 1. Hello, I’m from university A. We would like to know whether any of our alumni works in your company or not. We would like to invite you for an interview to get some feedback
Scal: 2. Hello, I’m from university A. According to our information, we have several alumni working in your company, and we would like to do an interview with you to get some feedback
Lec: The first one is better… I’ll just call him
Scal: Oh… well… if you know him well…. then go ahead
Lec: Yeah… I know him quite well

One thing for sure, after the chat, his school is out of my list for several reason:
1. Information is power. He clearly missed this point by not having enough information to talk to a person as high as HR Country Manager of a multinational company
2. A business school, which has no idea of where their alumni is working is sucks. How can they claim to be the best, if they have no idea of where their graduate works, let alone how much they make.
3. If the Lecturers doesn’t foster and practice communication, what will be the communication style for their student? I believe that business is all about communication.


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