Deddy Cobuzier Helped Me

Deddy Cobuzier is an Indonesian Magician, which refuse to be called magician. He prefers to be called mentalist instead, because, according to him, what he did on the TV was not magic, but the game of mental and concentration.

So, how did he help me? In one of his show, he played the memory trick, where he memorized the order of a card deck. He then taught the trick to the audience. Well, I didn’t try it to remember a card deck, but it helped me during my master degree test, where I should remember 25 words in 3 minutes. I was manage to remember 24 of them at that moment, and now, 12 hours after the test, I still remember 23 of them, in their exact order.

The trick is simple; I guess someone might have a scientific name for it. He said that, human’s mind is bad at memorizing words, but good at memorizing pictures. So, what we need to do is to associate each item to remember, with a picture, and then create a story from it. The story doesn’t need to be making sense, but it should be easy to follow.

Example: To remember weasel, moose, bear, zebra and tiger. I’m associating each animal with their pictures, and create the following mental story: A small weasel was killed by a moose, then the moose was captured by a big bear. The big bear than was chased by the Zebra, who was running very fast, but eventually killed by the ferocious tiger.

Anyway, if you ever wonder, yes, I finally decided to take my Master Degree in one of local university. The entry test was today, and the result will be known on Monday. Wish me luck……

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  1. Hey! Good luck. School sucks, but if you really feel it worth it, by all means, go ahead. 😉

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