Flood in Bandung

Bandung, the capital city of the province of West Java, is located on the valley of the mountain of Tangkuban Perahu. It is quite high above sea level, so I’m quite surprised to see the highland got flooded.

I went to Bandung this morning with my colleagues, for business purpose. The business meeting was until 12pm, so we went to a restaurant, called Nyonya Rumah at Jl. Naripan. The front view of the place is very ordinary, only 4 meters width. But when you get into the building, you will see that they have a very large, excellent backyard. In the center is a Koi pool. Surrounding the pool is the dining tables.

I ordered a Chicken Gordon Blue, served with French Fries and mushroom sauce and es jeruk degan (Orange Coconut Ice). Nothing special with the taste of the food or drink. But then again, the place is very excellent, couldn’t find similar place in Jakarta.

After a good lunch, there come the heavy rain. After 30 minutes, the rain hasn’t stop, so we get into our car, and went to Dago. To my very surprise, Dago, which is considered the highland of Bandung, is heavily flooded! The water is around 20-30cm deep, and flowing downstream like a river. Lucky that we rent a Kijang, which is quite high.

Anyway, it was a nice business trip, but with so much homework to do.

PS: I passed the first test for admission at a business school. Wish me luck for the 2nd test.

Nyonya Rumah
Jl. Naripan 92C, Bandung 40112. Phone: +62 (22) 4210426
Jl. Trunojoyo 29, Bandung 40115. Phone: +62 (22) 4204750


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