Rich and “Rich”

The former one is real rich. They have enough cash, so that they would never need to work for money for quite sometime, or maybe for their lifetime. The later, looks rich, but they see money as a dog see a piece of meat. They work for cash, and if they stop working, they might only survive for 3 months, maybe less.

I was inspired to write this blog, after watching one of my colleagues in this office this afternoon. He was waiting for my boss for a ride home, since his car was out of service. Nothing special, except that his house is 5-15 minutes walking from the office.

He is a senior person, who made more money than I do, maybe slightly less than my boss. He had lunch at the food court, while my boss went to the hawker center with me. He bought a newer model of PDA, while my boss got his PDA from the office.

So, apparently, physical appearance can’t be used to differentiate Rich & “Rich”. One thing though, really differentiates Rich & “Rich”. The real rich buy time. They have secretary to help screen their mails, driver to drive them and park their car. They have a squad of maid to take care of their house. They travel with airplane instead of bus.

So… next time you see someone who look rich, find out, whether he buy luxury…. or time :D.


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