So this is Christmas…

… And what have you done… another year over

Christmas is coming… and along with it will come a new year. A quote from John Lennon’s song above inspired me to start looking to the passing years… a year full of changes and surprises.

In January, bored with my job and enjoying my holiday at the end of 2004, I was promoted to a new job level. An exciting job level, plus, it came with a permanent position. A good thing to start a year with, opening new possibilities in my career.

In February, my Scuba Diving holiday trip to Bali, with new friends. A well spent money for 5 days holiday.

Late in May, all the fun and success of the year seems doesn’t apply to my relationship. I broke up with my girl, after 5 years, going through a lot of fun, happiness, and memories. Well… a decision which is the best for us.

June 2005, after 3 years, I made a trip back to the city of love. The city in which we spent the best part of my previous relation with my girlfriend. A walk of sweet memory…..

I visited Hong Kong in July, in a tour organized by my company. The tour sucks, but the experience is great. Thanks to my friends over there, who are really gave me chance to enjoy the bad tour.

After 3 years of thinking and convincing myself, I decided to go back to school in October 2005. Yap, I’m taking my master degree in one of local university. I was admitted to the school, and it will start on May 2006, until December 2007.

It was November 2005, when my best friend from my childhood got married. I was honoured to be his bestman. In addition to that, his marriage has changed my view about married live. I met someone, also from my past, which I can see my future with.

The last month of the year, December 2005, I manage to get a good mark for my performance review, and I have a holiday waiting ahead. I will be spending Christmas and New Year at Australia, one of my favourite countries to live, with my mom. So, this is my last post of the year.

To close this wonderful year, I would like to say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and see you all again in 2006.


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