Do You Feel Romantic?

Most people, man or woman, when asked such question will answer: NO. One of my friend even add that, if she try to be romantic towards her husband, he will gave a strange look and said: “What’s wrong with you?”

I once have a girlfriend, and sometimes, I manage to be romantic to her, even though I consider myself not as a romantic person. “When you are married, it all will be different” some of my married friend said. The question is, does your love live has become an ordinary unquestioned day-to-day routine, that, when your spouse try to do a romantic act, you will gave him/her a strange look and said: “What’s wrong with you?”

Is it the essence of marriage, to make an eternal bind that, you feel no need for a surprise to express your love? That you spouse should always love you, without you need to do anything, because both of you are bind by eternal marriage? Certainly doesn’t look like a happy life for me.

In the spirit of Valentine Day, if you think yourself not a romantic person, think again. If you still love your spouse, the romantic side is in you, and love will light it up. But if you think your spouse will gave you a strange look, then maybe both of you should do a self reflection…. is love really still exist?

Happy Valentine Day…


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