Strive for a Living

I pass the intersection every day. It is always crowded, so at least I always caught the red light once. But this is the first time I saw him. A paperboy, selling his newspaper from car to car, waiting for the green light. He might be an ordinary paperboy, except that, he only has one leg!

If that is not enough, he use no cane, or stick, or whatsoever, to help him stand and move. Instead, he just hops from car to car, using his left leg. He can even maintain his balance while passing the newspaper, receiving cash, and giving the return.

I salute him on his dexterity with his disability, but I salute him more on his strive for a living. He avoids being the burden of the society. Comparing him to other healthy man, who beg for mercy, or threatening people in the bus, by telling that he was just out of the jail. .

I remember again a boy, at the stop light nearby my old office. He was in his teens, yet, selling his newspaper with a big smile, from car to car. I bought his newspaper once, because I like how he sells it :D. Wherever you are, my prayer is with you, and the one-legged paperboy……


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