Egg Whites Saved My Day

It was a good day. We went to Anyer, make 2 dives, and have a good lunch. We even grill 10 fishes, can’t remember the name.  Disaster came 10 minutes from the pier. My engine overheated! I pull over, and check that there is quite a big leak in my radiator. With the leaking rate, we will need to stop for 15 minutes every 10 minutes. With 100km away from home, this would be a very long journey. 

 I gave a weird look when my friend said that egg whites could save the day. Sure Mac Gyver, the famous TV show in the 80’s, manages to use egg whites to repair leaking radiator, but hey, that’s only in movie! Anyway, rather than stopping every 10 minutes, I let him fill my radiator with water, and 4 egg whites. We start the machine and start moving. 

 Amazingly, the egg whites saved the day. It last for 2 hours of drive to Jakarta. Even this morning, when I brought my car for permanent repair, the whites still holds. 

 Who said that movie never use real thing? :D

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