Welcome to Cheap Telecommunication

Until 3 years ago, we would never think that communication can be so cheap in the heavily regulated Indonesian Telecommunication. A long distance phone call from Jakarta to Bandung would take Rp. 10.000, for only 30 minutes, with 75% discount.

But then Indonesian Government was relaxing the regulation, and thanks to the newcomer, the price has since gone down. Most of the newcomer strategy is by charging low tariff. The new comer offers the same long distance phone call from Jakarta to Bandung for only Rp. 50 per minute. With Rp. 10.000, you can make 200 minutes of phone call.

What interesting is the rebate system. Although it is common in most developed country, it is newly introduced in Indonesia. The same carrier offer Rp. 2.000 rebates for every phone call exceeding 1 hour. Not sure whether they have problem with their billing system, but somehow I can have more balance than 2 days ago, just to make a phone call.

Other new operator are launching similar program, which charge Rp. 515 for the first minute, and only Rp. 14 every minute in the same call. This is in total is around 1300 per hours, to anywhere in Indonesia.

As one of the advertisement said, how low can you go?


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