Farewell Mr. Pram

He was one of the most vocal writer, who often critics the government through his books. Some of his books were banned, and he himself has spent almost 50% of his life in prison. A person who has survived the Colonial Era, Era of Independence, The Old Order, The New Order, and the Order of Reform. His name is Pramoedya Ananta Toer, a writer, scholar and artist.

Today, 30 April 2006, he passed away at the age of 81, leaving of more than 50 book titles, translated into 41 languages.

I barely know his books, and only have read one of them. A friend recommends me his book, which I find it very interesting. Although in prison, the detail he wrote was as if he was the witness of the situation. Through his research, he was also able to write a nice book about history that happens well before his time. And with his style of writing and storytelling, he took us to a time machine, to the past told in his books.

Indonesia has lost another great man. Though and prayer for him. People might forget who he is, but his book will live through the time.


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