“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.”

I never see my boss in this level of stress. Not surprising though, with 2 projects in big trouble, with no foreseeable end, and noone seems capable to handle it, even the most calm person could become stressed.

The impact? I guess it finally come down to me too. While I’m half dead keeping my project on schedule, my resources is being pulled out to help the troubled project. With some school homework, I must admint that I’m also stressed out the chaos at the office.

All the situation reminds me of the quote my friend once used in her email signature. A quote from Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, which holds some truth in it. Every leader can lead in good time, but to look for a true great leader, you will need a chaos to find it.

I just wish that the real leader will show up himself fast, so that we can get out of the whole trouble, look back, and be proud, because we manage to get through.

  1. Heeeyy… I believe it’s my email signature. Well,… used to be.
    Since you’re quoting this one, don’t forget my other quote: work hard, play harder. I think you’re missing the play harder part. Don’t worry, everything will come into places.

  2. Scal said:

    yeah…. it’s yours….. somehow come back into my mind. Will try to play harder though……. 😦

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