Stranded in Singapore

It is sucks travelling alone. My friends left last week, and after some chaos at the office, a side effect from Jogja’s Earthquake, here I am, at Changi Airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Shanghai.

Anyway, one interesting thing of travelling alone is, you will pay more attention to details. I’m using SIngapore Airlines now, and they certainly worth the extra price. Their seat are wider than Garuda. And the Internet Check-in allow me to pick the emergency exit seat for the 6 hour flight to Shanghai, the seat which has the biggest legroom.

Oh, and I just found out that SQ don’t fly to Chicago. Well, to my friend out there, tough luck for you :p

And today I tried Jakarta’s Airpot lounge. Certainly much better than Bali’s airport lounge.

Using SQ, I landed at Terminal 2 of Changi Airport. There are Times NewsLink bookstore, which I think a little bit expensive, compared to Kinokuniya. Then a shop selling electronic stuff, including ipod accessories, but no ipod camera connector.

Anyway, enough for now… time for uploading some pics……

PS: The death toll of Jogja’s Earthquake has reached 5.000. Thought and prayer to the dead.


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