To “He-Who-Tried-to-Fool-My-Dad”

This was happening this evening. The phone rang, and my dad picked it up. The caller said that my brother had an accident. A woman who was in the car with my brother died and my brother is in comma state. At the same time, his friend tried to keep my brother’s mobile phone busy. He even tried to urge my brother to turn off his phone, for any reason. This is done so that nobody can check whether my brother is really having an accident or not.

Back to my dad, the caller asked him to write down the hospital, where my brother was said to be in ICU. Dad yelled to Mom. Mom, who was incidentally overheard the call, began to be suspicious. While my mom talked to the caller, my brother smartly called home from his office’s phone.

Thanks to good thinking of Mom and my brother, the attempt has done no substantial damage. Not entirely without damage, though. Dad almost got heart attack. He was like shocked and sitting in silence for few minutes upon knowing that my brother is OK. Can’t really blame him, though, because few years back, I was having an accident, and asked someone to call home to tell the news. Back then, mobile phone is still not popular.

I just have a message to the fake caller: May you have BAD BAD BAD luck in trying to fooling people. May you yourself have such BAD accident you continue to do such act!


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