Good School, Great Friends

In a chat room, one of my friends, who were a lecturer in a Business School, told us how that school sucks. They didn’t give much assignment that should help the student learn. If only number of assignments that count, certainly my school is the best. Three course, each with presentations that due almost weekly, and one of them with weekly assignment. 

What I didn’t expect are great friends that I have found. We had a tough exam last Friday, and the case was handed on Thursday morning. We then start making plan, some of us search additional information on the net, and some of us read the case and try to figure out the essence of it. By Thursday evening, we sit down together to share information and answer the questions. Amazingly, almost all of us join the discussion, which last until 12am. 

Then came the exam day. Unexpectedly, one of our friends has same thought with the lecturer that, questions he found on the net is in the actual exam. Yes, it is 100% the same! I definitely helped a lot, since I came about 30 minutes late to the exam. 

After 2 hours working, it’s all over :D. We cheered, and almost all in the class went to get some drinks. We laugh, yelled, tell stories, celebrating our friends who will get married, laugh again, and having a good time. 

There are 20 of us who share both in the tough time and good time. Cheers for the class of 11A


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