Almost everybody know the story about Narcissus. He (or She?) was busy ditting nearby a lake, doing nothing but adring himself through the reflection on the lake. One day, he fell into the lake, drowned and die. At the place where he fell, grow a flower, which is named Narcissus. Soon, the water in the lake turn salty. “Why are you crying? Do you feel sorry for Narcissus”, asked the Goddess. “No, it is because, when he sitting beside me, I can look myself through the reflection in his eye”, the lake replied.

— Adapted from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Since then, the word Narcist or Narcism is used to call a person who have too much love for himself. Too much that, he thought that he is the best, noone is better than him.

Do such behaviour can be generalized that, when someone is proud of himself, take the initiative to lead, or maybe a little bit boasting to promote himself is considered Narcist?

Adating word from my friend, maybe he just incidentally know how good he is……


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