Out of (Beginners) Luck

If you say beginners luck, that’s what happened to me in the last two days. I was trying a new investment starting last Monday, and the last 2 days has given me a very good outcome.

Unfortunately, today seems that my beginners luck has running out of steam. The investment goes south, taking out my profit and some amount of my capital.

It is never good to lose money, but probably it wouldn’t be so bad if we can learn from it. I might made several mistake at the same time. First, I almost ignore any analysis before going into the market. I should have watched the spread better before jumping in. Then, I break the rule of discipline. I should have cut my loss this evening when it is still small.

Well, they say that investing is about one-third science, one-third emotion and one-third discipline. Let’s hope that the last decision I made this evening could help me reduce the loss, or even make some tiny profit.


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