Going Home

I was born in Jakarta, but since I can remember, I always said going to Medan as going home. It is because my big family (grandparents and all aunt/auntie) is living in Medan, so my parents always said going home to Medan.

It’s been 7 years since last time I went back home. I felt doubtful about my future lately, so I guess it is a good time to go back home, catching up with my big families, and running away from the hustle of Jakarta. Hopefully I can regain some direction for the future.

I was presented with the futures of my family. Seven years ago, my grandma will welcome me with her best cook. She will then boasts & tell stories about the past. Now both of them look so old and sick. Then I met with most of my cousins, some of them are doing better, others seems never grateful for themselves. One of my auntie is sick, and her husband looks thinner and adding some gray hair.

What will they be in the next 7 years?
What will I be in next 7 years? Where will I be?
What will I be doing?
And with whom I will be living with?

2 September 2006 @ Brastagi, Medan
(It is freezing 18 Deg Celcius here)


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