What are They Thinking?

Last Saturday, I and my friends were visiting an orphan house. Some of us felt that what we were doing is only have fun, eating, playing, eating and playing, and the visit to the orphan house would gave us another perspective, and make us grateful of what we have. So we gather some donation from our friends, and drive 40 km to south of Jakarta to the house.

This is not an ordinary orphan house. Almost all of the inhabitant suffer from mental problem; some of them are accompanied with physical disabilities. It is caused by various reasons, from marriage between siblings, miss-treatment during delivery, failed abortion attempt or just the work of God. The house started from 1975, and was well funded, by local & foreign Lions Club. There are approximately 30 children and adult, the oldest is 30 years old, and the youngest is I think 4 years old.

Upon visiting them, I have a discussion with my friends. First, what are they think in their heads? Some of them are doing weird movement for no purpose, like they are dreaming. If they are dreaming, means that something is going on in their heads, what is it? Second, we feel pity for them, for their disabilities. But do they feel the same, pity for their condition? People with disabilities often feel sorry for themselves, but people with mental problem can’t really think about themselves. And finally, one controversial question, should we treat them as human? Is it better for us and them to euthanasia them?

I know the last question is cruel, but it just strictly our thought, with no intention to put it into action. We got our message, and be grateful that, we are not become burden for the society. We can work to help the society, and hopefully we could keep doing something useful for the society, for ourselves, and for others.

Panti Asuhan Tuna Ganda
Jl. Raya Bogor 28,5, Palsigunung
Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62 (21) 8710063


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