Objectivity: Does it Exist

I just read an article, which supports my hypothesis about objectivity. My opinion is, as long as human is involved in making decision, there are no such true objectivity, especially in social science.

In social science, take the example of law and trial. I’m sure that everybody involved in a trial, the prosecutor, judges, and the jury are trying as much as possible to give objective decision. But still at the end of the day, the decision made is absed on the opinion of the jury, which is subjective to the juries.

Or probably on performance appraisal. The boss might have a opinion, which according to him is “objective”, but as long as he is making the judgement, it will always be subjective to him.

A computer might be programmed, to make an objective decision. But then, who is programming the logic of the computer of making decision? The program might be very subjective to the system analyst, or the programmer.

And finally, about the article I read, any kind of relationship is never objective. All relationship is very subjective, based on a person’s thought, belief and intention. All the things are also affect our way of making such “objective” judgement.

And since subjectivity model depends on our thought, belief and intentions, it is by modifying those factors that we can make a decision as close as objectivity. Still, there are no such objectivity.


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